Mormon Bitch: Illusions of Hope

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Meet Mollie Hope Stewart—

My story is about how I was raised to be a TBM: True-Believing member of the Mormon Faith—until I almost choked on the fear, guilt, and shame racket that troubles most religions today, which interestingly the Latter-day Saints say has never been part of what they do. But I found them to be wrong, wrong, wrong on this account and a whole lot of other things, as well. And after a while it became my undoing just to be numbered in their ranks. And when I’d finally had enough, I galloped away from the Mormons as one among the so-called “droves” that are leaving the Church in numbers that overwhelm. [A rebellion that I would call a modern-day scandal, to put it as nicely as I can.]

But, certainly, learning to question dogma and to trust science, evidence, and reason are never bad, and if I have to move on beyond the predominant religion of my homeland and the Faith of my youth—and in my case even my family—to be able to benefit from actually thinking for myself—so let it be! But to be fair, this is not the story of Me-Mollie-Mormon or the Mormon Church gone wrong or right, necessarily—maybe just ballistic.

[And the fun part is…as you read on, you get to decide!]

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Not your typical true-blue Mormon Life Story