Mollie Hope Stewart is the pen name of a former Mormon couple that resigned their membership in the Mormon Church in 2008. Together they have been able to see and write about the Church and religious landscape of Mormondom from a unique perspective—she being thirty-seven years his junior—as they avow that during this two-generation time capsule separating their growing up in the Church the subtle changes have been mind-boggling. Also, technology has made genuinely damning information about the foundation and development of Mormondom available to them in their research that in decades past would have remained hidden in some obscure Church archive or library. Combining this footing with his having worked as a professional writer for fifty years on newspapers, magazines, and advertising, and having written more than a dozen pot-boiler novels; and her having faithfully kept her daily journals for upwards of twenty years, expanding them into more than three dozen volumes—this all is guaranteed to provide for challenging, thought-provoking reading.

Not your typical true-blue Mormon Life Story